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Demystifying bid writing and social value for beginners and refreshers. Expert insights. Bid process, tender response, social impact.

This workshop is designed to demystify the bid and tender process, provide bidders guidance, hints and tips on how to produce better bid responses.

This workshop is suitable for those who are beginners to tendering and for those looking to refresh their skills on the topic.


David Jones from Bespoke Bids will deliver the first session, which covers three topics. The first one being Finding Tenders, understanding the tender documentation and deciding which bids are suitable for you and which are not. The second topic will look in more detail into developing a Win Strategy to respond to the tender and how to plan out your response. Lastly, we will dive into Writing Your Bid Response. We’ll explore how to maximise your scoring through writing techniques and robust reviewing procedures.

The second half of the day will focus specifically on the Social Value aspects of tenders and bids and will be delivered by GM Business Growth Hub's Social Value Specialists Paul Vicario and Nadir Sultan. With social value becoming more prominent in tenders this part of the workshop is designed to equip you with knowledge on how to map your organisation's strengths to local priorities and develop a strong social value response.

Meet the speakers

David Jones is a Senior Bid Consultant from Bespoke Bids, a Manchester-based bid consultancy who have supported clients of all sizes to win contracts across various industries including health care, training and education, facilities management, legal and professional services, transport, robotics design, hospital and school construction, broadcast media and many more. With 30 years of experience, David has extensive experience across multiple sectors which entails developing client-specific Bid Win Strategy Workshops and Bid Preparation Workshops as well as Bid/No Bid decision sessions.

Nadir Sultan is a Social Value Specialist from the GM Business Growth Hub. Prior to his role as a Social Value Specialist, Nadir was working as a Senior Social Value Advisor at The Social Value Portal where he helped to embed the National TOMs framework into local authority procurement across the country. Nadir has vast experience in working with commissioners, procurement teams and businesses to understand, embed and think about social value in their everyday working lives. 

Paul Vicario is a Social Value Specialist from the GM Business Growth Hub with 5 years of experience delivering social value support to construction companies. Paul has worked on public sector contracts across the North West and have supported bid writing teams with successful tender submissions.


As this workshop is fully-funded, businesses are subject to funders' eligibility criteria. Please keep an eye out for communication from our Enquiry team at GM Business Growth Hub who will discuss your eligibility and complete paperwork. If your place is confirmed, you will receive an email from us with further details.

  • Trading in Greater Manchester
  • Sole trader, micro business, small and medium-sized enterprise, or large business
  • Social enterprises where these engage in economic activity.

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