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Online workshop for Start-ups. Cultivate entrepreneurial mindset, gain marketing insights, define target audience, and test markets effectively

If you're in the process of starting up a business, this online workshop is your mindset and marketing go-to guide, taking you through where to start, what to consider and how to minimise risks by understanding your target audience.

We kick things off by unraveling the secrets of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset — a key ingredient for building resilience whilst being your own boss.


We'll delve into:

  • Developing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset:

Discover practical tips for a successful entrepreneur mindset that will help you thrive.

  • Decoding Marketing for Small Businesses:

We demystify marketing specifically for small businesses, making it clear and actionable.

  • Finding Your Target Audience:

Discover the art of pinpointing your ideal audience and understanding their needs.

  • Getting to Know Your Audience:

Dive into effective strategies to connect with your target audience.

  • Market Testing Strategies:

Learn the ropes of testing your ideas in the market, ensuring you're on the right track.


Say goodbye to the notion that 'everyone is your customer.' We'll equip you with the skills to challenge this misconception and guide you through practical steps to test your business concept.

Gain the confidence to minimise risks and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey!



EnterprisingYou is delivered by GM Business Growth Hub, which is part-funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. The £7.5m funding has been made possible thanks to Greater Manchester Combined Authority securing funding to deliver UKSPF projects, which forms part of the Government’s wider Levelling Up agenda.

As this workshop is fully-funded, businesses are subject to eligibility criteria:

  • Pre-revenue businesses only, i.e. individuals residing in Greater Manchester that have an idea for a business, or are starting up but have not made any sales.
  • Individuals should also not have received any pre-start support from GM Business Growth Hub within the last 2 years.

For more information on how your data is stored please visit our privacy policy.



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