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Be the Business Mentoring for Growth

Want to pick the brains of a big business leader?

Finding a mentor can help unlock real business potential from Be The Business on Vimeo.

Small businesses could show big businesses a thing or two. But here’s a way for big businesses to help you.

Backed by some of the UK’s leading firms, Be the Business is on a mission to help small businesses benefit from big businesses. We’ve hand-picked a team of senior-level mentors who want to share their experience, sector expertise and best practice with you. And it’s completely fully - funded. 

Unlike peer-to-peer mentoring, our mentors are from big multi-nationals, like Siemens, GSK and the John Lewis Partnership. That means our programme is designed to focus on your needs:

  • sharing actionable solutions to growth challenges like scaling up, changing direction, entering new markets or considering big operational/IT investments
  • carefully matching you to a business leader who has the right experience to help you meet important goals and take your business to the next level
  • pairing you with a mentor that matches the expertise you need – as well as your preferred learning style

Checklist: is Mentoring for Growth right for me?

  • You’re a senior decision-maker with influence over the direction of your business
  • You’ve got more than 10+ full time employees and over £2m turnover
  • You’re open to getting advice and support to help your business succeed
  • You’re facing one or more tough growth challenges

“ Having an independent, emotionally-detached view of what’s happening, helps you to drill down on the important stuff.”
Mentoring for Growth mentee

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Find out more about your journey by downloading the PDF below

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Want to share your wisdom with a small business leader?


How the mentor and mentee relationship is a two-way learning street from Be The Business on Vimeo.

You’ve got a lot to offer. Mentoring is a great way to share what you’ve learned so far and develop skills for the next phase of your career.


We’re looking for senior business people from successful companies to mentor SME leaders across the country. It’s a chance to share experience and best practice with smaller businesses and help them through expansion and improvement challenges. We look for mentors to have significant (10+ years) experience of EITHER:

  • Function expertise e.g. human resources, marketing, operations
  • Sector expertise e.g.. manufacturing, retail, financial or professional services
  • Life-stage expertise e.g. entering new markets, M&A, scaling up

On top of this, we aim to pair complementary personalities and learning styles, so mentors and mentees can get the most out of the partnership.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Step outside the day-job to get fresh perspectives on common business challenges
  2. Develop your leadership and management skills and advance your career
  3. Boost your confidence by validating your skills and competencies
  4. Expand your personal network and add to your professional development
  5. Get personal satisfaction from helping the small business community

What’s in it for your organisation?

  1. Meet your CSR by helping us boost UK productivity
  2. Recognise your top talent and develop their leadership and management skills
  3. Get your senior leaders to expand their horizons and resist inward-thinking
  4. Bring fresh perspectives from other sectors back into your organisation

“ Mentoring has given me a perspective on another business – it has made me remember things I had forgotten I knew!”
Mentoring for Growth mentor


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