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Apprenticeship Growth Service

Who we are

The Apprenticeship Growth Service (AGS) team are a group of specialist advisors with all the latest knowledge around training and upskilling, from the funding available to providers across Greater Manchester.

Their goal is to share their expertise and know-how, and will support your business throughout your search, from finding the right course to the right training provider.

What we do

After an initial meeting to determine your business needs, our advisors will complete a thorough workforce development plan which will help to identify any specific training requirements. From there, advisors will be on-hand to support you in fulfilling your aims and objectives. 


When the Business Growth Hub came in to help us develop a workforce development plan, it helped us to focus on taking a more strategic and long-term approach to our apprenticeship programme. We feel that it will give us a useful insight into the progress that we’ve made and what more we need to do in the future.

Adam Rhodes, Bennett Verby LLP

Success stories

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