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Lead Generation for Skills for Growth – SME Support Programme

The aim of this document is to select and appoint a consultant, provider, or associate for the following activity/service to support in the delivery of the ESF fund Skills for Growth – SME Support Programme. This Invitation to Quote is part of a pilot/test in advance of the release of the Dynamic Purchasing System to procure a framework of providers, consultants, and associates.

We are keen to receive applications from consultants, providers, and associates able to identify eligible SMEs in Greater Manchester to participate in the programme and provide these SMEs to GMBS as a warm lead/referral.  The consultant / provider/associate must have a relationship with this business and have permission to share the contact details always adhering to GDPR.

Once the referral has been received GMBS Ltd will confirm the SME eligibility through due diligence/state aid checks, complete the SPP with the business owner/leader, work with the individual employees identified by the business (up to maximum of 10 employees), confirm the individuals identity and ESF eligibility, complete the ISDP with that individual and then hand the findings and client over to a Skills Coach to complete the training research and account manage the client for their remaining time on programme  - up to 26 weeks.

All SMEs accessing the programme will be established trading businesses (minimum trading period 6 months). 

Duration, Budget and Payment

The activity will be delivered from 14th September 2021 until 31st March 2022.

The maximum budget for this activity is £66,000.00 (exc. VAT)

Bidders should note that spend with individual organisations will be dependent on number of referrals/leads provided, and no guarantee of a minimum value is given.

GMBS reserves the right to extend the duration up to 3 months after the above completion date of 31st March 2022.

GMBS will pay the consultant, provider or associate a maximum cost of £75.00 + VAT for the identification of a business to the programme and GMBS are able to complete the SPP and ISDPs. 

Payment will be made upon completion of a signed SPP/ISDPs.

Return Information

Please return a copy of your completed form (Part 2) and additional information by email before 12:00 noon on 13th September 2021 to:

Dawn Duggan

Head of People, Skills and Talent

Please submit any questions regarding this opportunity to the email address above.

Document Pack

SfG Referral Framework Part 1

SfG Referral Framework Part 2

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