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Invitation to Quote Q19/02 Lead Research Consultant Services  


GC Business Growth Hub will require the successful Lead Research Consultant to take responsibility for delivering the evaluations of 7 services currently undertaken by GC Business Growth Hub.

The Provider will:- 

  • Develop a survey question set with GMCA and the GC Business Growth Hub
  • Oversee the delivery of the telephone survey element of the commission
  • Carry out analysis of the survey findings for each service
  • Carry out Analysis of business data held on the Growth Hub CRM
  • Interview delivery partners
  • Produce interim draft report findings
  • Make Future Summative Assessments


Duration and Budget

The activity will be delivered between the 25th of February and 28th June 2019. The budget for this activity is £20,000 (excl of VAT); with the maximum value of the expenditure set at £24,999 (excl of VAT).


Deadline for Receipt of Quotations :  Quotations must be submitted by email to and be returned by 17:00 Tuesday 19th February 2019

Document Pack

Part 1 Invitation to Quote

Part 2 Quotation Response Form

Terms and Conditions