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Invitation to Quote: Provision of data consultancy services to support the development of a web based company identification tool: Ref. Q2130

The Growth Company (GC) wish to procure data consultancy services that will help identify a growth propensity ‘score’ for businesses that will support staff with prioritising outbound business development and lead/pipeline generation. This will form a central part of a new web-based business targeting application (commissioned separately), that provides additional intelligence (and time savings) than current prospecting searches employed.

The service must therefore deliver a robust, standardised methodology, present the outputs in a way that can be linked to / embedded within the targeting application, allow a range of users in GC to tap into current and new markets, and allow the informed targeting of businesses that are keen to engage with GC’s range of services.


The project is expected to take up to 4 weeks following appointment and completion of a Project Initiation Document that outlines the method and deliverables agreed at an inception meeting. There may be a possibility of extension to this timeframe, but this will only be by agreement at the inception meeting, or at a subsequent project steering group session.

Return Information

Please return a copy of your completed quotation form (Part 2) and additional information by email before 13:00 on 30th September 2021 to:

Nick Batty

Procurement Manager


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