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Invitation to Quote for Export Research Ref Q2012

Invitation to Quote for Export Research Ref Q2012.

The Government’s Export strategy emphasises the importance of increasing the volume and value of exporters, and encouraging companies to start exporting for the first time. This places additional emphasis on the ‘lead generation’ of firms that are, or could have the potential to scale exporting. Whilst UKTradeInfo (output from HMRC) provides annual data on the trade of goods/commodities down to sub-regional and regional level, little is known about the volume, value, and details of firms that export services.


The study will combine several sources data to identify:

  • The typical characteristics of firms that export services located in the North West of England; and
  • Firms that have the potential to export services, but do not currently do so.

Duration and Budget 

The requirement for Business Support Market Research will run from 25th March 2020

The total value of the contract will not exceed £22,000 including VAT.


Quotation Returns by email

Please complete the Quotation Form including any additional information by 15:00 Tuesday 24th March 2020 to:

Rupert Greenhalgh

Head of Business Intelligence



The Document Pack consists of: -

Part 1 Invitation to Quote Requirements

Part 2 Quotation Form

Part 3 Terms and Conditions