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Dynamic Purchasing System: Framework of Activity Providers and Coaches. Tender Ref: T20057

Dynamic Purchasing System: Framework of Activity Providers and Coaches. Tender Ref: T20057

The Growth Company is looking for this Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is to procure a large number of providers to assist in the delivery of EnterprisingYou, a programme of support for Greater Manchester residents aged 18 years old or over who are Self Employed and/or working in the GIG economy,  with a gross personal income below £27,000 per annum.  


The DPS is in 2 stages:

  • Providers are approved to enter the Framework
  • Activity submitted by approved providers is approved for delivery

Once a provider has been approved, they can submit as many applications for activity as they wish.


Applications to become a provider and for activity will be accepted until the 1st October 2021. Evaluation of bids is being undertaken in stages and the next Evaluation window closes on the 1st April 2020.


Activity should appeal to multiple clients and focus on training and / or personal development that will help clients to develop their vocational skills, business skills or personal effectiveness.  Activity can be delivered on a consultative, group or digital basis and be a rolling programme or bespoke.  Activity should aim to support the client to make their business more efficient, sustainable and profitable.   Activity may also support the client to improve their health or wellbeing to underpin their ability to drive their business performance.   Activity must not be licence to practice


Activity should be delivered in Greater Manchester by Greater Manchester based providers.    Provision delivered outside of Greater Manchester or by providers based outside of Greater Manchester will only be approved if it is considered a unique or niche unavailable in the Greater Manchester area.


It is envisaged that each client will access on average no more than 3 separate instances of activity with the total value and amount of time spent being variable. We therefore require a range of price options. Should a client be interested in accessing more than 3 different types of activity with the same provider and that provider can bundle the total cost into one payment, consideration may be given to approval of more than 3 separate types of activity.


Activity should indicatively be delivered over no longer than 16 weeks


Duration and Budget 

The contract period will be from the 12th February 2020 until the 30th June 2022.


The total spend under this framework is anticipated to be £3,200,000 excluding VAT. Bidders should note that spend with individual organisations will be dependent on allocation of work and no guarantee of a minimum value is given. 


Receipt of Tender The DPS will be open for the life of the contract and bidders can apply to join the Framework at any time during this period. In order to ensure that we manage the Framework efficiently, we have identified dates when we will begin a round of evaluation of the latest bids and these are:


09:00 on 12th February 2020

13:00 on 1st April 2020

13:00 on 1st July 2020

13:00 on 1st October 2020

13:00 on 4th January 2021

13:00 on 1st April 2021

13:00 on 1st July 2021

13:00 on 1st October 2021

(Further dates to be advised)


ITT Documents: You are required to make your ITT submission via The Growth Company In-tend e-tendering platform.  You are required to complete a basic registration as a supplier on the In-tend Supplier Platform at the following web address: