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Access to Finance Lancashire - Brand Awareness and PR Campaign: Ref Q2244


The Access to Finance Lancashire Service is seeking a local PR company who has strong links of working with businesses and organisations in Lancashire to support its Marketing and Publicity needs.

We are seeking to engage with a locally embedded PR firm who can help the to develop and deliver against plans which will encompass the following:

  • Development of a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy
  • Develop specific marketing campaigns which will need to be integrated with and capitalise on opportunities for joint promotional activity with relevant key referral partners
  • Design marketing and promotional collateral
  • Provide training engagement for the team to support enhanced Social Media activity
  • Curate a regular stream of inspiring case studies developed form the client work undertaken by the team
  • Develop a range of finance related blogs and web-site content promoting the use of the Access to Finance Service.
  • Engage and interact with local and regional business journalists in order to promote client business growth stories and to highlight the services of the team.       


Duration and Budget 

The activity will be delivered between the November 2022 and September 2023.

The budget for this activity is £25,000 (exc. VAT);

Please complete the Quotation Form including any additional information by 10:00 on  Monday 7th November 2021 to:

Philip Hargreaves

Head of Access to Finance 


Document Pack consists of (attached): -

Part 1 Invitation to Quote Requirements

Part 2 Quotation Form

Terms and Conditions Draft

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