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Our Latest Skills for Growth Success Story

Based in Greater Manchester and established in 1947, Thomas Kneale and Co Ltd are a supplier, manufacturer and distributor of bedroom and bathroom textiles and fire retardant fabrics. With their dedicated workforce firmly positioned at the centre of their business, Thomas Kneale and Co Ltd joined the Skills for Growth - SME Support programme to give their workforce the opportunity to access the fully funded training and dedicated support offered by the programme.

Described as one of the "best things we've done in the organisation" hear from Thomas Kneale Director Brett, Business Development Manager Katie and Skills for Growth Skills Coach Nick, as they all share their experience, their positive feedback and the huge achievements that have been generated as a result of being part of this fantastic programme for Greater Manchester SMEs. 

Behind the Scenes

Filmed on a Friday afternoon with a weather day of all seasons in Greater Manchester, we were thrilled to get the opportunity to capture the Thomas Kneale success story on camera. With a combination of talking heads, wide angle and close up views of the Thomas Kneale and Co Ltd Head Office and Warehouse, we were able to add an extra element of creative spark to this brilliant case study. 

With lots of planning and high levels of collaboration with the client, along with the Business Growth Hub's communication and design team, we're proud to be able to share exactly what our Skills for Growth programme is achieving for Greater Manchester's SMEs and learners.

There's still time to join our programme and access fully funded training, Bitesize 'E' Learning and dedicated Skills Coach support