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With cutting-edge woodworking machinery and highly trained craftsmen, Probox Systems Ltd has been the UK’s leading supplier of solid timber drawer boxes and a trusted partner in the kitchen, bedroom, and furniture-making industry for over twenty years. In 2022 the G&G Products site was acquired by Lenborough Group Limited (LCL). 

To produce bespoke doors and frames for the kitchen and joinery sector, Probox spent £3 million and invested in brand new CNC machinery and equipment to set up the newly acquired G&G facility in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. As the site is relatively new and the team comprises individuals from various sectors, many of them lack experience in this field. Though Probox has a few experienced staff members, they face complicated bespoke demands from their clients. In such cases, these staff members use their own experience to solve production problems, which results in a varied procedure and hampers efficiency.

Recognising the potential for improved efficiency in their production methods, David Teague, who joined Probox in May 2023 as the Head of Manufacturing Operations, took the initiative to team up with the GM Business Growth Hub to find efficient ways of producing bespoke doors and frames, aiming to identify the most productive ways of assembling and producing their products.

“GM Business Growth Hub enabled us to assess and develop a standardised operating procedure (SOP) for our manufacturing process. To encourage our staff to change their way of working, they provided an effective training session on lean improvement through their Lean Champion workshop.”

“During the course, a transformative exercise challenged those participating staff to build as many Lego cars as possible within four minutes. They were allowed to make a single improvement six times. They were amazed to discover that even small changes made during those six improvements led to a significant improvement overall. With those small tweaks, they went from being unable to make any Lego cars to building over twenty. This powerful experience underscored the potential for even minor changes to the process and location of materials to result in massive improvements overall. This message has resonated throughout the company, demonstrating the profound impact of the Lean Champion workshop on our staff.”

After completing the course, David and his team identified the Assembly department as the area of the manufacturing facility with the biggest issues. They gathered together all the lead members of the assembly team, discussed the issues they were all facing. They reorganised the entire production flow, including the location of all the equipment used during the process. As a result, the layout of the assembly area was completely redesigned. Previously, several people worked in the Assembly department and were responsible for putting doors and frames together. However, they all did it differently, which caused inconsistencies in the final product. After reviewing the different methods being used, the department identified the most effective way of completing the task and made it their standard operating procedure. This helped to enhance the efficiency of the Assembly department.

As a work in progress we may not reach this number yet, however, I expect a minimum 30% increase in productivity, which means at least a 30% increase in output.”


In addition to the Lean Champion workshop, David also had their team leaders join the Manufacturing Culture and Leadership workshop provided by the GM Business Growth Hub.

“Some individuals are placed in positions where they are not only responsible for themselves but also others. Therefore, I wanted to emphasise the importance of behaving differently as a supervisor compared to a worker. Being flexible and adaptable in treating various individuals within the workplace is crucial. Every individual requires a different management approach, and I wanted to ensure that they understood this aspect.”

“In our factory, the youngest members of the team are 19, and the oldest are 60, so we’ve got quite a broad age range. We’re also probably about 20% females, even in the production areas. So communication is critical.”

“The Manufacturing Culture and Leadership workshop was a great first step for some of these newly appointed supervisors who have never had the responsibility of managing others before. The course gave them the basic concepts of managing a team and respecting individuals. It also equipped them with various communication tools.”

David is very satisfied with the result of working with the GM Business Growth Hub and recommends that other manufacturers in Greater Manchester work with them.

“I would say that anybody in manufacturing should approach them if you want some help in getting your business to be more efficient and more effective, and I think that’s pretty much what every manufacturing company wants to see.”

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