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A perfect fit, not one size for all - how Mildon are improving Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion for companies around the world

“Don’t hesitate. It’s the best money we’ve invested. The process felt light touch but it provided deep transformation. We didn’t feel we had to chase anything or be anxious. The process is very transparent. It all makes sense and the documents are simple. Toby has taken us on a longer journey, that continues to deliver meaningful results.” FinTech CEO.

Mildon works with companies on diversity and inclusion, educating and training them to have a diverse and inclusive culture and practices. Working with large companies, like Centrica, Mitchells and Butlers, Turley as well as smaller companies with as few as 20 employees; Mildon’s work shows that no matter the size, EDI is vital.

Toby Mildon, who started as a solo founder, now leads a small team and a network of freelancers dedicated to helping companies achieve equity, diversity and inclusivity.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is important and benefits companies:

  • Companies with more ED&I in the workplace can reduce their labour turnover by 22%.
  • When considering a job offer, 67% of people say a diverse workforce is a crucial factor.

We spoke to Luis Canto E Castro, Consultant at Mildon Ltd.

Before joining Mildon, Luis's career was mainly focused on sales and business development. He began in recruitment, progressing to sales, telesales, tech business development and became increasingly aware of the need for more equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

He joined Mildon after catching Toby’s attention through his appearance on the BBC TV show Dragons Den. Luis was working at, a tech company focusing on using innovation to address issues around disability and work. They were asked to showcase their technology that helps people with disabilities navigate the Internet more effectively.

“He knew straight away that I have the same disability as he does, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which prompted him to reach out and connect with me on LinkedIn, three conversations later I started working for Mildon.”

Luis now works closely with Toby on advising companies and training people on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

 “One of our biggest projects is currently with Centrica (the parent company of British Gas). Where we are working with their top 100 leaders on an inclusive leadership development programme. The plan is that they will propagate that through the business. Here, as with other work we do, we train or develop internal advocates in the company. With senior leaders as advocates, they can influence the rest of the company.”

While Mildon works with large companies, like Centrica, Mitchells & Butlers, HarperCollins and others, they also work with much smaller organisations.

“We work across all industries and with companies with as few as 20 staff all the way up to those with over 40,000. We don’t pigeonhole companies when we work with them. We have an open mind and are willing to work with companies in any sector and of any size.”

Luis emphasises that no company is the same and that the issues or challenges around diversity and inclusion are unique to every company. But it’s not always straightforward.

“We have our standard awareness training and how to engage senior managers. How we do this really depends on what the client needs and what challenges they are facing. We tailor what we offer to match each company we meet. We are willing to tell people they are barking up the wrong tree (and risking not making their desired impact on culture) and point out what they should be focussing on instead to achieve a return on effort.”

Mildon has worked with the GC Business Growth Hub’s Global Scale Up programme, the Hub’s Innovation services and Access to Finance’s Pathway to Equity programme.

“I did the Sprint Workshop with the Global Scale Up team. It was really useful. I have seen elements of the sprint model in previous roles but experiencing it as a whole was very impactful. We have already started using it in our business. We are all, Toby, Brooklyn and I, creative thinking game changers and the Sprint model helps us keep it realistic and put time scales to things, so they are practical.”

Luis has maintained a relationship with Hub advisor Philip Blair, “Luis and I met at a GC Here For Business event and we hit it off straight away.  I was really impressed with his enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge and commitment to personal development.  We have enjoyed exploring ideas for growth at our regular catch ups. I am confident that Luis will help push Mildon to become one of the top diversity and inclusion consultancies.”

Luis appreciates the ideas and support Phil has and continues to provide to both him and the company.

“Phil has been mentoring me and he has given me great suggestions. Things like generating more revenue by looking at existing and past clients and seeing what else we can do. Or packaging up what we do and looking at different departments of a business and how we can work with them, rather than the whole company. The support from the Growth Company has been phenomenal.”

When considering the future and the possibility of international work, Luis points out they already do work with international clients and UK-based clients with operations overseas in the USA, Australia, Japan, Abu Dhabi and many other locations.

“There is plenty of work here in the UK for us. Lots of companies could do with more equity, diversity and inclusion in order to benefit from the amazing diverse talent we have across the nation!”

You can see more of what Mildon does and more about Toby Mildon, the company's founder, on their website.

The UK’s Leading Diversity & Inclusion Architects (


Mildon received services that were previously funded by ERDF. To find out more about our previous ERDF funded offer click here.

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