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From the Garage to the Taproom: A Recipe4Success Story

Marc Appleton, Recipe4Success programme lead reflects on a recent success story helping Salford based brewery Hideaway Brewing Company.

Over the years, GC Business Growth Hub has supported businesses in various sectors, but the over 200 food and drink entrepreneurs supported through our Recipe4Success programme are some of the most inspiring and innovative.

When I first encountered Dan Wright, he was a man with a passion, a vision, and a fledgling business brewing in his garage. Fast forward three years, and Hideaway Brewing isn't just another success story; it embodies resilience, innovation, and the power of community.

It feels like only yesterday when Dan enrolled in GC Business Growth Hub's Recipe4Success programme. As a former HR manager who lost his job during the pandemic, Dan could've succumbed to the weight of uncertainty many faced. Instead, he chose to take a leap of faith, turning his hobby into a business venture.

Dan and his wife, Natalie, converted their garage into a mini-brewery, creating unique brews inspired by their travels and experiences. And while it's easy to romanticise the idea of starting a craft beer brand, the reality is layered with challenges. From ensuring the taste is right to dealing with the nuances of business operations. Launching a brewery requires more than just a love for beer.

After contacting the Hub, Dan was referred to our Recipe4Success programme. The programme aims to support Greater Manchester-based SME food and drink businesses through workshops and networking events. Hideaway Brewing took advantage of the range of workshops, including topics like The Future of the Food and Drink Industry, Food & Drink regulations and Branding and Sales Strategy, to name a few. At the end of the programme, they had the opportunity to pitch their products to a range of local and national buyers, honing their presentation skills and receiving invaluable feedback from industry experts.

Hideaway Brewing Co. is almost ready to open its own taproom and kitchen in Salford. Nestled on Kansas Avenue, a stone's throw from MediaCity and close to fellow brewers like Marble Beers and Bro7hers, the taproom is a testament to Dan and Natalie's journey, from those early days brewing in their garage to a space they can truly call their own.

Looking back, seeing how far Dan and Natalie have come is incredible. From starting as a hobby, through the uncertainty the pandemic caused to opening a brewery and taproom, their journey is a shining example of how passion, dedication, and the right support can transform a dream into reality.

If there's one takeaway, it's the power of community. We can overcome the challenges thrown our way by coming together and supporting one another. Hideaway Brewing's success isn't just Dan and Natalie's; it's all of ours. And as they open their doors to the public in the coming weeks, I invite you to raise a glass to this incredible journey - cheers to Hideaway Brewing, to resilience, and to the spirit of Manchester.

Dan reflected on his experience with Recipe4Success, "I would definitely recommend anyone starting a small food or drink business attend the Recipe4Success workshops. Having access to a number of knowledgeable folks all through the same course just makes life easy when you have so many things to think about. Recipe4Success really helped us to focus on the areas that were important to us, and the experts guided us to achieve maximum impact in a shorter period of time. Thanks to Marc and the team, we have been able to start our business on the right track and have built strong foundations for our operations, sales and safety."

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