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If you're thinking of becoming self-employed, starting a business, or have recently become self-employed / started your business, the Hub’s start-up team can help you to grow and sustain your business.

From the part-time gardener through to starting and growing a limited business, we're here to help.

The Start Smart programme provides support for Greater Manchester residents who want to find out if self-employment is right for them, and also for those who have recently started their own business.

Support through workshops, events and one-to-one specialist advice includes:

  • Analysis of business idea and exploration of viability
  • Advise how self-employment may impact on personal circumstances
  • Legalities of becoming self-employed / starting a business
  • Business and cash flow planning
  • Advice on where to access finance
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting and managing staff
  • New product development


To get started, call us on 0161 359 3050, or complete the form below. 

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