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Transform products and processes, stay ahead of the competition, develop a green USP

Eco-innovation means developing products or services that have an improved environmental performance over an existing offer or what currently exists in the market. For example, it could be a new type of paint that goes further or has eco-friendly properties, or a new business model that takes back unused paint for recycling or reuse. It can also mean re-designing existing products or services to be greener, more efficient or suitable for new markets.

We offer tailored support to increase competiveness and profitability through the development of new products, packaging, processes or services, or redesigning existing ones for higher environmental performance. By supporting you through a successful eco-innovation project, you can access new and expanding markets, increase profitability along the value chain, stay ahead of standards and regulations, attract investment, increase productivity and improve technical capacity.

Our experts can plug gaps in the innovation process by helping you to develop a value proposition based on life-cycle thinking, identify clear USPs, and shape the business strategy to align with longer term goals and market opportunities. Our market intelligence and R&D networks support the ideation process and refining of concepts, resulting in prioritised and targeted innovations that can be brought to market.

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Our Innovation Network is an opportunity for business leaders and senior managers to meet other ambitious businesses, investors, research establishments and innovation organisations, such as universities and technology specialists, to pick up new knowledge and skills.

Gain access to the knowledge held in our world class universities and research institutes.

Share ideas with leading innovators from global organisations and the wider professional community.

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Samantha Nicholson

Samantha Nicholson, Head of Manufacturing and Low Carbon

Who wouldn’t want to achieve more from less? Apply the same mentality to your business and become efficient and sustainable.

Our network of specialists and partners can advise you on the many ways you can increase your profitability by reducing your environmental impact and take advantage of the opportunities within the low carbon and environmental goods and services sector.

While we also offer specific support to manufacturing and engineering businesses who want to thrive, innovate and compete both locally and on a global scale.

Sam specialises in turning low carbon policy into successful business support programmes, helping companies convert environmental risks into competitive advantages. Sam has 17 years' experience working in environmental business support and within the manufacturing sector.