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Accessing Finance for your Business

Are you looking to expand your business but know you can only do so with additional financial support? Do you need help to understand how best to approach funders and the type of questions they might ask? Click for further details

Business Regulation

Starting or managing a business can be confusing and locating accurate information to understand which regulations affect your business can be expensive if you get it wrong. We are well placed to prov…

Click for further details

Business Strategy

If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail – an old saying, but one which still rings true today. A business can still enjoy success without planning, but will it be sustainable and long-lived? Click for further details

Digital Transformation

Are you a growing company looking to create an IT strategy, optimise your digital marketing strategy or a tech-savvy firm looking at new and advanced ways to deploy digital and tech in the workplace? Click for further details

Eco Discovery

We offer tailored support to increase competiveness and profitability through the development of new products, packaging, processes or services, or redesigning existing ones for higher environmental performance. Click for further details

Leadership & Mentoring

Are you a business leader who wants to develop a culture that will drive sustainable success and develop a blueprint for where you want to be and how you’re going to get there? Click for further details

New Markets & Exporting

No new market ever looks the same. Are you looking to develop a new product offering that will allow you to enter previously uncharted territory? Click for further details

People, Skills & Talent

Are you a business leader that wants to attract and retain top talent, develop your employees, and create a positive employee culture shaped by your own values? Click for further details

Powering Innovation

Are you fighting to keep up with your competitors? Looking for the next step to retain a market leading position? Click for further details

Resource Efficiency

Being more energy efficient not only reduces carbon emissions, it can mean a healthier balance sheet. Are you looking to do more for less? Click for further details

Starting a Business

Do you have the ambition to create a company that has the potential to either employ five people and/or have turnover in excess of £250,000 within three years? Click for further details
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