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5 benefits of having a business mentor

Our mentoring advisor, Andy Hall, gives his top 5 benefits of having a business mentor.

Blog Post /blogs/2016/07/5-benefits-of-having-a-business-mentor

National Mentoring Day: changing trends in mentoring

The increase in mentoring in the last few years has led to an evolution in mentoring methods, according to Andy Hall, mentoring advisor for the Business Growth Hub.

Blog Post /blogs/2017/10/national-mentoring-day-changing-trends-in-mentoring

Why Become a Mentor

As business mentoring becomes more popular, we discover mentoring is a two-way process bringing benefits to mentors as well.

Blog Post /blogs/2016/12/why-become-a-mentor

Why all manufacturing leaders should have a mentor

Manufacturing advisor Geoff Crossley explains why business leaders in manufacturing have more to gain from having a mentor than anyone else, and how the right mentor can offer not just knowledge, but can provide you with a sounding board, open doors…

Blog Post /manufacturing/resources/blog/2019/10/why-all-manufacturing-leaders-should-have-a-mentor

How long should a mentoring relationship last?

Some relationships last for many years, perhaps a lifetime. However, most people outgrow their mentor and this is generally a good thing for both people − because when you know, you just know, says Business Growth Hub Mentor Relationship Manager,…

Blog Post /blogs/2017/07/how-long-should-a-mentoring-relationship-last

Questions you need to ask if you want a mentor

One of the Hub's growth mentors, Andy Hall, shares his thoughts on the questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether a business mentor is what you need.

Blog Post /blogs/2017/03/questions-you-need-to-ask-if-you-want-a-mentor

The epic benefits of mentoring

Life is filled with problems to solve, lessons to learn and experiences to enjoy. Director of Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub, Richard Jeffery, shares his full-circle mentoring journey

Blog Post /blogs/2017/07/the-epic-benefits-of-mentoring

National Mentoring Day: Mentors reveal their top tips for SMEs

Behind every successful leader, is a great mentor. To celebrate National Mentoring Day, returning for its third year on 27 October 2019, Andy Hall - mentoring relationship specialist at GC Business Growth Hub - gives a taster of insights mentors…

Blog Post /blogs/2019/10/national-mentoring-day-mentors-reveal-their-top-tips-for-smes

National Mentoring Day: Mentors reveal their top tips for SMEs

National Mentoring Day is 27 October. Andy Hall, Mentoring Relationship Lead at the Hub gives a taster of the insights the Hub’s mentors offer to SMEs seeking mentoring support.

Blog Post /blogs/2018/10/national-mentoring-day-mentors-reveal-their-top-tips-for-smes

Mentoring - a huge opportunity for women

Women in mentoring are few and far between reveals Nicola Warwick - an opportunity to be developed.

Blog Post /blogs/2017/03/mentoring-a-huge-opportunity-for-women

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