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In many businesses water is taken for granted, but the cost of using clean water and disposing of waste water is rising. Taking a systematic approach can help you to reduce your business's water consumption by up to 40% and reduce your annual water and wastewater costs.

Making Water Savings


If your business uses large amounts of water then water efficiency will also help you to address the risks associated with periods of water shortage.


Here are some top tips on improving your water efficiency:

  • Encourage staff and customers to minimise water usage and to turn off taps whenever they are not in use.
  • Fit water-minimising controls to your water sources, such as push-taps, toilet cistern bags, or flow regulators or restrictors. The payback period for installing flush controls on urinals, for example, will usually be as little as five weeks.
  • Look out for any drips and leaks and fix them as quickly as possible to avoid waste.
  • Find out where your supply pipes run and where their shut-off valves are, in case you need to switch off the water in the event of a burst pipe or leak.
  • Use a water butt or suitable container to harvest rainwater for re-use on site.
  • Check that your water meter serial number matches the number on your bills, so that you are only being billed for your own water consumption.



Water Rates

Almost all businesses pay water rates for any water they use as part of their commercial activities, as well as separate fees for sewerage services. If your business produces any effluent (liquid waste) you will also be required to pay extra for the costs of collecting, treating and disposing of it.

The Ofwat website has guidance on whether your business is eligible to choose its own water supplier, to make sure you get the best rates and service. You can use the same site to check if you qualify for a discounted, large-user tariff.

By reviewing your water consumption and reducing the amount you use, you can cut your water, sewerage and effluent bills overnight and reduce the impact that your business has on the environment.