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VST Enterprises

Business sector:

Innovation & Technology

The Stables
Paradise Wharf
Ducie Street
M1 2JN


VST Enterprises has been lauded for its development of VCode®, the VPlatform® & The VLedger®, which, among other applications, has the potential to eliminate Fraud in financial transactions, eliminate mainstream counterfeiting of high street goods (via supply chain management) and allow amongst a variety of revolutionary features allow a member of the public to be fully in charge of their sensitive data.

The versatile VCode® technology allows genuine users to authenticate themselves to the VPlatform® across a variety of offline-to-online transactions and interactions. It is currently being utilised to protect against fraud in many government and banking sectors, from document verification, to unattended payment systems, end-to-end supply chain management and interactive charitable giving transactions.

For videos on the technology visit: