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Online Ventures

Business sector:

Creative & Digital Marketing

51 Lever Street
The Hive Core B, 4th Floor
M1 1FN


We're based in Manchester's Northern Quarter, but work with clients all over the UK and some across the pond.

We have built a digital company that we would want to do business with. We hope you do too.

  • Transparency - everything we do is 'hived' for you. You see, in realtime, what we are working on.
  • Service - we work very hard to maintain our reputation of great customer service.
  • Jargon-free - we do not pride ourselves on bamboozling you with terminology. Plain and simple, it's great marketing, whatever is required.
  • Great brains, the hardest of hard workers - people always tell us that our marketing is very clever. We blush. What they don't know is how much hard work goes in to making our creations look simple and effortless.


  • We talk in very simple terms about how websites can rank well on Google.
  • We give transparent advice from the second that we meet a potential client which runs throughout our relationship.
  • We work with companies that understand that results and not pretty account managers matter. Although we do have these, too.
  • We treat our clients very well.
  • We do lots of things, simply.
  • We are NOT a full service agency! But know how to build great sites, rank great sites, get people to them and then successfully purchase from them.
  • We are around 30 people in size, which allows us to stay close to clients and have fast turnarounds on projects.
  • We have worked with tiny companies like our girlfriend's dog walking business and Microsoft.
  • We worship David Ogilvy, George Lois and Dean Rieck.
  • We do not employ people from the digital industry. We instead bring in blank canvases and paint them with our own, successful style.
  • We understand that people want to use simple-to-use, fast-loading websites.
  • We don't enter for awards, but we have won several.
  • We don't do miracles, it takes time and hard work to become successful online.
  • We don't do fads. Not in web design and not in online marketing techniques.
  • Data. We love data. We collect more UK 'SEO' related data than any other online marketing company.
  • A collection of super-geeks and excellent business people form the hub of Online Ventures.
  • We do not charge the earth. We are one of the most competitively priced 'proper' online marketing agencies.
  • Network Science - we have some of the leading network science experts in the UK working for us.
  • We have Tudor Davies working for us. This means our link building team is the best in the UK.
  • We are nice people to work with.