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Oldham Business Leadership Group

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As well as influencing public sector strategy, the Group delivers projects and initiatives designed to rise to the challenges set by government to rebalance the economy between private and public sectors.

Ambition 2020 is OBLG’s strategic plan and long term aspiration for Oldham. Its overarching aim is to move Oldham to a position where it is regarded as a key driver of sustainable growth within Greater Manchester, the UK and globally. This involves encouraging enterprise in Oldham, creating a skills system which meets local economic demands, increasing community confidence and quality of life, and promoting Oldham as a destination for business in its own right.

OBLG’s ambition will be achieved by delivering a portfolio of projects which operate across the broad sphere of economic policy areas including – worklessness, health, crime, transport, reputation, business growth, enterprise, innovation, inward investment, housing, skills, regeneration and education.