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About partners

At the Business Growth Hub, we work with a range of partners from across Greater Manchester, established businesses that have their finger on the pulse of the city, and one eye on the economic health of the region as a whole.

From finance specialists to HR professionals, marketing gurus to digital experts, our partners play a pivotal role in introducing us to the next wave of growth companies.

By referring their clients to the Hub, not only are they helping to support their customers’ growth but they are also benefitting their own business, too.

Our partners are part of the fabric of business life in Greater Manchester, and raise your profile among some of our most exciting, innovative businesses.

We’re currently working with more than 180 leading partners that are involved with a wide range of growth companies, in a diverse range of sectors. They have been happy to introduce their clients to the Hub, confident in the knowledge that we offer the highest standards of customer care and client confidentiality.

To find out more about our partner activities, please contact our Relationship Manager, Michael Ayre, using the form below:


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