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Creative & Digital Marketing

KUB Ltd 2nd Floor
Albion Wharf
19 Albion Street
M1 5LN


KUB is a full services digital marketing agency and marketing strategy and consulting business.

Through years of working with clients KUB has developed a robust process for developing marketing strategies and costed implementation plans. (See:  We have an online course on marketing strategy and implementation and an associated App. This means you will be working with people whose everyday job is to ensure that their clients are successful and know what works and what doesn’t. This means we can work strategically with you and then, when you are clear on your objectives, market and target buyers etc, we can turn that into an effective implementation plan which is fully costed with an idea of expected returns.

They recognise that there are businesses with a range of ambitions, abilities and budget and so KUB through its Vision2Success brand has created a free online marketing community: 

Once you have a strategy and implementation plan, KUB then have a team to implement your marketing.

Whether that’s:

  • Working with us as your head of marketing, marketing function or as your coordinator. We can fit in with what your team are missing.
  • Capturing and documenting your brand.
  • Building a website, ecommerce or event or community based platform.
  • Managing & growing your social media.
  • Managing & growing your LinkedIn presence and generating leads.
  • Setting up and growing your email marketing.
  • Building landing pages for paid campaigns on Google and Facebook.
  • Managing your Google and Facebook Advert campaigns.
  • Writing content for articles.
  • Optimising your site so that it can be found in Google.
  • Managing outsourced services, such as videography, PR and other specialist services.
  • Finally, for a number of clients, we report on and analyse your digital marketing and act as an independent advisor where you are using the services on an agency and or your team on the delivery. 
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