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Innovation Partnership Limited

Business sector:

Innovation & Technology

The Design House
118 High Street
M4 1HQ


0161 834 4401


Surviving - and thriving - in business depends on achieving competitive advantage. In today's technology-driven world, this advantage can only come from innovation - the core competence that enables companies to design tomorrow, rather than follow yesterday's best practice.

But successful innovation must offer more than just novelty. It must offer real benefits that resonate with the needs and desires of customers.

The Innovation Partnership helps companies turn ideas into flourishing businesses, and tread a new path to sustainable success.

The Innovation Partnership Ltd provides marketing-related services to technology, knowledge-based and innovative SMEs and to the intermediaries supporting them during their start-up, early-stage and growth phases. Established in 1992 in Manchester, we are a multi-disciplinary team of professionally qualified consultants, with research and consultancy expertise in management, marketing, design, finance and technology exploitation, supported by research and administrative staff.

Our expertise is based on knowledge of the development needs and barriers facing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the business-to-business sector, in particular those who are seeking growth through the commercial exploitation of knowledge, new technology and innovative products.