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Fourways House
57 Hilton Street
M1 2EJ


0161 300 7235


Hiring Hub is an award-winning UK-based tech company that helps businesses find and hire the best talent, faster. An online marketplace that is free to use, it connects companies to a motivated community of specialist recruitment agencies that compete to fill the employer’s vacancy for a fee set by the employer; providing a super-fast route to the best talent in the UK whilst widening a company’s candidate search within minutes. Hiring Hub also serves as a platform that companies can use to quickly identify new recruitment suppliers, and manage their recruitment process in the cloud. Businesses can post their vacancies on Hiring Hub for free. If they hire a candidate, they pay the fixed placement fee set by them. If they don’t find a candidate, there’s nothing to pay. Governed by simple, universal terms, hiring hub is quicker than going to recruitment agencies directly as it accelerates the most time-consuming and frustrating tasks, like agreeing terms, or selecting and managing recruitment agencies.