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Fast Forward Growth Limited

Business sector:

Business & Professional

St. James Buildings,
79 Oxford Street,
Blakewater Road
M1 6HT




Fast Forward Growth Limited was founded by Peter Collins and Mike Orme in order to deliver a new joined up approach to financing and supporting high growth businesses. Each has held leadership roles in small, medium and large organisations and has since built successful track records in advising and supporting over 500 potential high growth organisations in the UK. The founders researched, developed and delivered the Fast Forward Funding Programme in order to address this financing issue – but soon found that the problem was much more far reaching: There was a stark difference between the quality of business support and professional services being accessed by well-performing and under-performing businesses. Many under-performing businesses had long outgrown their existing support network; but remained reliant on their early stage business advisers for too long. This was either because they were unaware that greater expertise existed or they believed that it was unaffordable. As a result, they failed to take full advantage of the expertise and connectivity available in the professional business support community. Fast Forward Growth was founded to provide SMEs with a more joined up approach; one that combines the right finance products with the highest quality business support and advice tuned to meet the needs of SMEs at each stage of their growth journey.