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Dehns is one of Europe’s largest and most reputable intellectual property firms, with offices in Manchester, London, Oxford, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Munich and Oslo.

Across their team, they have expertise in all types of technology. Along with patents, they also possess a wealth of experience in designs and trade marks.

Dehns is known for putting aside the legal jargon and speaking to clients in real terms that are easy to understand. They provide practical, pragmatic and commercial advice that can be applied immediately to business and business objectives.

Dehns work with start-ups and small businesses to formulate their IP strategy and to make sure they have a good handle on IP issues relevant to their business.  Whether Pre-Seed or Series A start-up or an established SME, it is critically important that small businesses have plans in place to safeguard their IP and to assess the potential impact of existing third party IP rights. It is never too early to put these plans in place, and the risks from not having given proper consideration to IP can be high.

Investors will almost inevitably want an overview of a business’ current IP situation, what rights they have, and what plans are in place for deriving value and protecting innovations, both those that are already developed and those that are in the development pipeline.  Dehns have worked with a huge number of start-ups, and have helped them grow and flourish, safe in the knowledge that one of their most important assets (IP) is fully protected.