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C-TechInnovation Partnership

Business sector:

Innovation & Technology

Capenhurst Technology Park


0151 347 2956


C-Tech Innovation have been helping their customers – companies, universities, government bodies and non-governmental organisations, to benefit and grow through innovation for the last 40 years.

Strengths include project and programme management, research and development, technical due diligence, market and technical awareness, IP exploitation, multidisciplinary consultancy and innovation training.

C-Tech have a vast experience of technology development: creating new products and processes, the implementation of novel technologies, contract and collaborative research, technology transfer and also in commercialisation. Their workforce is highly qualified, skilled and diverse - one which thrives on new and unique challenges.

C-Tech have their own laboratories and workshops here at a facility near Chester in the north west of England, allowing them to take projects from concept, through design to construction and commercialisation, all in-house. This unique combination enables C-Tech to provide a flexible, tailored and, above all, confidential service.