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Who are Greater Manchester's most innovative businesses?

That’s what we want to know. The brand new Innovation 100 Greater Manchester has launched to recognise those who are investing in innovation. Enter online now.

Innovation 100 Greater Manchester


The ability to innovate is an essential lynchpin for growing businesses. But Innovation doesn’t need to be, and often isn’t, creating something new. It’s more likely about re-inventing something that’s previously been done to better effect, something that’s especially true for growing businesses.

It can be the product, service or solution that you've taken to market or developed for your customers. Or the way you run your own business; the processes and systems you've created or adapted which make you different.

And given the wealth of ambitious and talented businesses in Greater Manchester, we’re delighted to launch Innovation 100 Greater Manchester – a new way to raise the profile of some of the most innovative businesses in the area – in conjunction with BQ.

Over the coming months we’re challenging businesses to enter the first ever Innovation 100 campaign which will culminate in 100 businesses being featured in a special report.

BQ’s Bryan Hoare said: “Businesses can be quiet innovators, and we’re challenging them to really come and shout about what they are doing differently that makes them truly unique in Greater Manchester.”

Chris Greenhalgh, Head of Innovation and Programme Development at Business Growth Hub, said: The annual Venturefest Manchester competition has provided a great platform to showcase some of the most innovative businesses in Greater Manchester, but we don’t want to stop there.

“Innovation 100 will enable us to raise the profile of even more businesses in Greater Manchester, across the UK, and even further afield.

Greater Manchester businesses in life sciences, digital technology manufacturing, Low Carbon Goods and Services and many more areas, are playing a lead role in innovation addressing new market opportunities every day.

Are you part of the revolution? If so, now’s your chance to be profiled as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the area. Nominations are open and free to enter on the BQ website – share your story and showcase your vision of the future.


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