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DJS Research, Stockport - SME (Financial & Professional)

DJS Research Ltd, a market research company in Stockport, has reduced their environmental impact and won new sales after receiving resource efficiency support from Green Growth.   

The family-owned firm offers consumer and business-to-business market research to private, public and third sector clients in the UK and internationally.

It has experienced rapid growth in staff numbers since being established in 2001, now employing 48 full time staff plus upwards of 60 temporary staff at any one time, leading to an increased environmental impact. 

Green support

With a view to reducing this impact and maintaining their position as a responsible and ethical company, DJS Research received a Green Growth resource efficiency review in April 2014.

Following the review, DJS Research has made a host of environmental improvements, from switching to new technologies to building staff awareness.

Among the investments currently in progress are tablet computers to allow field-based researchers to gather data electronically, leading to a sizeable cut in paper usage, and replacing computer equipment in their telephone interviewing unit with energy efficient alternatives.

DJS Research also received assistance with their environmental policy and direct support with a tender response for a public sector contract. 


DJS Research scored full marks in the sustainability section of their tender response, helping them to win a £115,000 contract for a major Government department. Their use of tablet computers for face to face research has also helped them to win a further £16,000 in new sales.

As a result of their efforts, the company was shortlisted in the Innovation and Community Contribution categories at the North West Green Hero Awards.

DJS Research has since gone onto to win a further £317,000 in sales thanks to their sustainability improvements.

‘Cleaner and greener’

Danny Sims, managing director at DJS Research, said: “We consider ourselves an ethical company, with an understanding of our responsibility to our staff, the local community and to the wider business world.

“Our recent improvements have made us a cleaner and greener company and I consider the success in securing our new contracts as directly attributable to the advice provided to us by the Green Growth service.”

Claire Scott, Green Growth business advisor, added: “As an office-based business, DJS Research does not have as great an environmental impact as its industrial neighbours. However, this hasn’t stopped them from implementing a wide range of measures to reduce their energy, transport and waste related emissions.  

“The fact that this is standing them in good stead with public sector contracts is well deserved.”