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Free-to-access toolkit promises to slash product testing time

A new ‘Certification by Analysis’ toolkit has been released to help manufacturers cut development costs and time to market for new products through virtual testing techniques.

Certification by Analysis is the use of digital technologies and data-led processes such as simulation and computer modelling to reduce the amount of physical product testing required for product certification – a traditionally costly and time-consuming process.

The new toolkit is the result of a collaborative 3-month programme led by the UK High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Catapult and includes a free-to-access assessment methodology for engineers and manufacturers to review their testing potential and readiness for new techniques.

The developers have also created an in-process measurement handbook to help users assess the relative maturity of new measurement techniques for Certification by Analysis during manufacturing, as well as IT infrastructure recommendations.

Announcing the new toolkit, Marc Funnell, Chief Engineer for Smart Design at the HVM Catapult said:

“The new tools we have developed draw on the experience and knowledge of a broad team of experts and will enable manufacturers to take steps now to increase their Certification by Analysis understanding. This will help them build new partnerships and develop future strategies with analysts, regulators and test houses. 

“The UK has a real chance to lead innovation in transforming certification approaches and, by doing so, get novel net zero products into the market, quicker. We have taken the first critical steps along this path.”

The developers are now inviting interested businesses to test the approach and provide feedback. To access the toolkit, contact the project team at or find out more on the HVM Catapult website.

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