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Siemens completes plan to completely ‘decarbonise’ Trafford Park estate

Siemens has proposed a roadmap to drastically cut industrial carbon emissions in Trafford Park, one of Europe’s largest industrial estates, in partnership with its 1,300 business occupants.

Siemens was commissioned by Trafford Council to identify, cost and measure the impact low carbon technologies could have at the vast industrial estate, which covers an area of 4.6 square miles and is a significant contributor to Greater Manchester’s carbon footprint. 

The resulting plan covers a broad range of solutions that would collectively achieve an impressive 94 per cent reduction in the park’s emissions by 2038. This includes bulk installing energy efficiency measures such as energy efficient lighting and building automation controls, in addition to rolling out wind turbines and solar panel systems on rooftops and over car parks.

Using waste-to-energy technology to reduce waste and recovering heat from larger energy users for other businesses in the park to use are also among the recommendations.

Trafford Council aims to use Siemens’ study to facilitate engagement and collaboration across the industrial park as part of a long-term decarbonisation plan in partnership with its occupiers.

Carl Ennis, CEO of Siemens in the UK and Ireland, said:

“Decarbonisation can’t just be about creating brand new net zero buildings and infrastructure. Put simply, we need to be able to measure, assess and act to change what we already have. As one of Europe’s leading industrial hubs, Trafford Park now has an opportunity to lead the way and be an example of what the public and private sector can achieve together in reaching net zero.”

A spokesperson for Trafford Council added:

“We are hopeful that [the proposed transformation] will provide a national if not global example of how a significant industrial park can play a vital role in looking after our environment.”


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