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Energy efficiency and finance tools launched as thousands face bill rises

The government has launched a national campaign to help businesses reduce their energy use, while a new ‘finance finder’ has been made available for Greater Manchester firms looking for funding.

The government’s new Business Energy Efficiency campaign provides guidance on simple low-to-no cost changes organisations can make to cut their energy bill, from improving oversight of energy consumption to upgrading or modifying equipment.

The portal was launched on 1 April, the same day that the government-funded relief added to business energy bills since October 2022 was replaced with a less generous scheme.

The new Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS), which runs until 31 March 2024, marks a significant drop off in support for businesses. In reality, only those that fixed their energy contract at the peak of the energy cost crisis in 2022 will benefit, and even then, the level of discount is substantially lower than previously available. Some companies that fixed their energy contract last year could see their bills rise by three or even four-fold as a result.

While many energy efficiency improvements can be made at low-to-no cost, some require capital investment. To help find funding and finance solutions for projects like solar panels or LED lighting, Greater Manchester businesses can now access a new portal outlining the options available.

The Guide to Green Finance has been launched by Bee Net Zero, a partnership of organisations from across the city region – including GC Business Growth Hub – who are committed to helping businesses lower their energy bills and carbon footprint.

The guide lists the green finance offers available in Greater Manchester from high street lenders, as well as more specialised products from other providers such as Siemens and the Growth Company.

GC Business Growth Hub also provides expert advice to help Greater Manchester manufacturers improve their energy efficiency, including:

  • One-to-one advice from energy efficiency specialists through our Sustainability and Net Zero Service, who are experts in their field when it comes to identifying and implementing opportunities to cut energy waste from buildings and processes – often at low or not cost
  • Our expert Manufacturing Service can also provide tailored one-to-one support to take costs out of your business through lean measures to improve your productivity and profitability
  • A set of introductory energy saving guides and recorded webinars are also available via our #HereForBusiness campaign.

For more information on the support available, contact one of our Manufacturing Advisors today.

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