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National Cyber Security Centre launches new tools for small businesses

Cyber security experts at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have launched two flagship new services designed to help millions of small UK businesses find and fix cyber security issues.

The Cyber Action Plan can be completed online in under 5 minutes and results in tailored advice for businesses on how they can improve their cyber security.

The second tool, Check your Cyber Security, enables non-tech users to identify and fix cyber security issues within their businesses.

The new services were unveiled by the NCSC – which is part of GCHQ – to coincide with the latest phase of its Cyber Aware campaign, which aims to raise awareness of cyber security among UK small businesses, microbusinesses and sole traders.

Figures show that manufacturers are particularly vulnerable to cyber-crime. More than two fifths of manufacturers were targeted by cyber criminals in 2022, with the risk only increasing as businesses adopt more digital technologies.

Lindy Cameron, Chief Executive of the NCSC, commented:

“Small businesses are the backbone of the UK, but we know that cyber criminals continue to view them as targets. That’s why the NCSC has created the Cyber Action Plan and Check Your Cyber Security to help them boost their online defences in a matter of minutes.

“I strongly encourage all small businesses to use these tools today to keep the cyber criminals out and their operations on track.”

5 steps to improve your cyber resilience

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