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Free supply chain data platform launches

A new non-profit supply chain mapping platform is already being used by hundreds of organisations in retail supply chains to openly share data on their suppliers around the world.

Open Supply Hub was created with the aim of improving human rights and environmental conditions in and around factories by opening up supply chain data as a free, public good. It is based on an earlier initiative in the apparel sector that mapped over 90,000 supplier facilities worldwide.

The expanded platform makes it clear exactly where a multitude of products come from across the apparel, beauty, consumer packaged goods, electronics, furniture and sporting goods sectors. Until now, this kind of data on supply chains was largely opaque, making it almost impossible to find out the exact facilities involved in the production of goods such as smartphones or clothing.

This has resulted in increased risks around worker exploitation and modern slavery, as well as environmental impacts like illegal deforestation, the non-profit said.

Natalie Grillon, Executive Director of Open Supply Hub, explained:

“Industry has been asking for this kind of open data for years. Now Open Supply Hub helps all of us solve the world’s major challenges together. From public companies reporting to investors to people advocating for improved worker rights. It’s about democratising access to data and opening up supply chains for global good.”

Anyone can interact with the platform; after creating a free account users can run searches, analyse data, download it and upload their own supplier information to help others. The data includes factory name and address, sector, product type, number of workers and further details such as the role it plays in the supply chain.

Users can also subscribe to additional tools such as embedded supplier maps that can be used on company websites.

Existing users include online clothing retailer ASOS, which is using the platform to amplify its transparency work and identify connections between its suppliers and other organisations to aid collaboration when issues arise in specific regions, such as the current crisis in Ukraine.

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