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Government takes action to simplify conformity marking process

The government has announced changes to make it easier for British firms to apply the new UKCA conformity mark to products, ahead of a deadline to replace the EU’s CE mark by January 2023.

The UKCA mark replaces the EU’s CE mark on regulated goods being placed on the market in Great Britain now that the UK has its own regulatory framework in place following EU Exit. In some cases it is already an immediate requirement, although CE marking is still allowed on some goods until 1 January 2023.

There are also different rules around the UKCA mark in Northern Ireland, where requirements are more complex due to ongoing negotiations with the EU.

To make it simpler for businesses to adopt UKCA marking, the government has now brought forward the following measures: 

  • Reducing re-testing costs: Any conformity assessment activities undertaken by EU bodies before the end of 2022 will be considered as the basis for UKCA marking next year. Legislation on this will be brought forward before the end of the year and will enable manufacturers to apply the UKCA mark on these products without the need for re-testing.
  • Removing the need to re-test existing imported stock: This will allow CE marked products that are manufactured and imported into the UK by the end of 2022 to be sold, without the need to meet UKCA requirements. This will remove the current need for retesting and recertification for products that are imported whilst the UK recognised CE requirements.
  • Continuing to accept spare parts onto the GB market: The UK will continue to accept spares onto the GB market which comply with the same requirements that were in place at the time the original products or systems they were being used to repair, replace or maintain were placed on the market. This will help to address concerns about the availability of spare parts and ensure businesses and organisations avoid disruption to their operations.
  • Extending labelling measures: To make it cheaper and logistically easier for businesses to continue to supply goods to Great Britain, legislation will be brought forward to extend current labelling easements to allow important information and other UKCA markings to be added to products using a sticky label or an accompanying document.
  • Recognising historic testing on some construction products: Manufacturers of construction products under AVCP system 3 – such as radiators, sealants and tile adhesives – whose products are tested by an EU notified body before 1 January 2023 will be able to obtain a UKCA mark without having to retest through a UK-approved body.

Further information on the changes and full guidance can be found on the website. The government is also running a series of webinars to provide businesses with an overview of their new responsibilities and regulations.

The webinar sessions are designed to provide a general overview for businesses. Specific requirements and legislation relating to different product types can be found in the government’s A to Z of industry guidance.

Greater Manchester manufacturers struggling with the new requirements are encouraged to contact our Manufacturing Team for advice.


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