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New funded opportunities for North West manufacturers to boost ‘social value’

GC Business Growth Hub has partnered with ANTZ to help Greater Manchester firms give back to their local community and win new work by incorporating social value into their business.

Social value is an umbrella term for capturing the full economic, social and environmental value an organisation provides to society and the local community.

Examples of activities that contribute to social value include tackling economic inequality, promoting equal opportunity and supporting wellbeing. Demonstrating social value is particularly important for winning work with the public sector, but also plays a key role in any modern business strategy.

ANTZ have 10 years experience of aligning social and commercial strategies, enabling businesses to deliver in local communities while evaluating and reporting on their impact. 

Through the Growth Hub’s Executive Development Programme, Greater Manchester SMEs can now access up to 12 hours of fully-funded training from social value consultancy ANTZ to formulate their own sustainable leadership social strategy that creates both commercial growth and impact in the community.

Social value within a business context can feel complex and confusing and businesses feel they don’t have the time and resource to keep on top of the ever changing landscape.


Anne Campion, the Growth Hub’s Head of Manufacturing and Sustainability, said:

“The 12-hour funded leadership social value training is a fabulous opportunity for manufacturers looking to improve and demonstrate their social value develop leadership inclusive strategies, whether the aim is to win public sector tenders or just to support a meaningful ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy.”

Elaborating further on the importance of social value to winning bids and tenders in the public sector, ANTZ CEO Jen Pemberton said:

“A minimum weighting of 10 per cent is now given to ESG objectives in all UK central government procurement, through the use of a 'social value model'.

“In other words, if companies want to win business with the public sector in the UK, they need to understand how to deliver tangible social value that is relevant to the communities they will be working in. This should be as normal a part of the business strategy as health & safety or HR.”

To learn more about funded social value training opportunities email Olivia Rath at

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