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Manufacturers invited to ‘7Cs’ of supply chain scale-up success

GC Business Growth Hub is running a webinar on 7 December where delegates will learn about how to avoid costly mistakes when expanding their supply chain operations.

Scaling up operations and the associated supply chain activities without damaging a firm’s competitive capabilities can be a serious test for SMEs, especially in the current environment. As capital employed and costs will increase as a result of supply chain expansion, the challenge is whether these rising costs can be offset by increased revenues in time.

This webinar, delivered by ex-LEGO senior director and principle supply chain consultant Calum Lewis, will discuss the ‘7Cs’ required for successful supply chain scale-up:

  • Capacity: Too much or too little are both damaging for business revenues
  • Culture: Are the skills and capabilities available that are needed to get to the next level?
  • Capability: Operating on a different scale asks new questions of people
  • Collaboration: Decisions around what activities are performed in-house and those outsourced should be reviewed as part of planning growth
  • Complexity: Growth doesn’t automatically have to mean increased complexity
  • Costs: Understanding the nature of your costs and how they are driven
  • Capital: The difference between total capacity and effective capacity - where is capital investment required?

The session is ideal for SME leaders who are considering expanding their supply chain operations and want to avoid costly mistakes.

Greater Manchester manufacturers suffering supply chain difficulties are also encouraged to contact our specialist Manufacturing Service for fully-funded advice and guidance.

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