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Lean, Six Sigma and Leadership courses re-launching at TMI

The Manufacturing Institute (TMI), one of GC Business Growth Hub’s sister organisations, is restarting its popular range of training courses for manufacturers in September.

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Part of the Growth Company group alongside GC Business Growth Hub, TMI offers high-impact training and development courses to help UK manufacturers gain the skills and knowledge they need to overcome challenges and increase their competitiveness in the 21st century.

Having paused its face-to-face training courses during the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of popular programmes are restarting again from September, along with TMI’s successful online bootcamps.

"Now is a particularly good time for manufacturers to look at upskilling their staff as we build back from COVID-19. Jobs are being created again, and new people coming into businesses is a good opportunity to embed Lean, Six Sigma, and manufacturing leadership skills as part of the induction or training process."

Adrian Healey, Head of Business Development at TMI

Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing (Starting September 2021)

A 10-week course designed for managers responsible for productivity and performance. Delegates spend one day a week away from work, taking part in a range of sessions covering:

  • The core principles of lean manufacturing
  • A visit to a world-class manufacturing site
  • Creating tangible and sustainable benefits from efficient procedures
  • Transferring skills within their organisation to improve practices across the board
  • Understanding links between culture change and continuous improvement
  • Increasing standing with suppliers and customers by attaining a Lean Manufacturing Fellowship.

"[Our team] found six or seven things that saved us between £30-40k straight away."

Alistair Toward, ACDC Lighting

Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt (Starting September/October 2021)

A range of tailored courses designed to help delegates achieve practical, real-world application of the renowned Six Sigma methodology first coined by Motorola in the 1980s. The courses are split across three certification levels:

  • Yellow Belt: A 2-day introduction to Six Sigma that covers the basic tools of variation reduction, problem-solving and quality improvement. Suitable for anyone looking to gain a base understanding of the Six Sigma process and increasing the efficiency of their operations.
  • Green Belt: A 10-day practical course for those wishing to lead successful Six Sigma project teams. Delegates will gain the skills to apply sophisticated improvement tools, change behaviours and transform business performance, typically generating savings of £25,000-250,000 through the projects they implement.
  • Black Belt: Delivered over six full days for those looking to reach expert practitioner level. Delegates will be able to apply advanced problem-solving techniques and facilitate workshops, lead teams and train others in the Six Sigma process.

"Very good at showing you how to look at data to see how you are going wrong, and how you can interpret it, make improvements and fix processes."

Lee Maddock, Nutricia

Leadership Development Programme (Starting October/November 2021)

An 8-day programme to transform first line managers into confident leaders through a combination of lean manufacturing techniques and interpersonal skills. Delegates will gain:

  • Effective skills for managing and motivating people
  • Lean manufacturing basics and other improvement techniques
  • Communication and influencing skills
  • Performance measurement and time management expertise
  • Knowledge of employment law and health & safety.

"The Leadership Development Programme has pushed me on in my career. I now manage production meetings, capacity meetings and have a lot more confidence than I used to."

Paul Cresswell, James Briggs Ltd

MSC Manufacturing Leadership (Starting January 2022)

An elite Master’s degree designed for current and future business leaders looking to gain the essential knowledge needed to develop a world-class manufacturing business. The course is delivered virtually through six modules and a dissertation over a 33-month period. Graduates will:

  • Develop a multi-disciplinary approach to manufacturing enterprise management
  • Introduce world-class manufacturing principles and leading-edge thinking from companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce into their business
  • Implement seven in-house business improvement projects
  • Gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of supply chain and internal process management.

Self Study Online Lean Practitioner (Start Now)

A self-paced study programme for those wanting to acquire knowledge of lean principles. Delegates can start and finish as they choose and build their own manual tailored to their organisation.

Priced at £500+VAT, this course is particularly popular with smaller manufacturers.

"The self study practitioner course has proven very popular with SME manufacturers. It’s an online course you can start whenever you like which bridges the gap between our four main programmes, and it dovetails nicely with the fully funded support available to SMEs in Greater Manchester from the Hub’s Manufacturing Service."

Adrian Healey, Head of Business Development, The Manufacturing Institute

Adrian Healey

For further information on all of the courses available through TMI, visit

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