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Robotics showcase to be streamed online

A three-day online event from 25-27 May will give manufacturers the chance to understand the latest in industrial robotics and how new innovations can benefit their business.

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The Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Industry Showcase, organised by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), is expected to attract over 1,000 delegates from across all industries.

Featuring over 50 exhibitors on a virtual show floor, attendees will be able to learn about the latest in robotics and AI technology applications and how they can be adapted to serve different sectors.

The last RAI Showcase in 2019 was hosted in Manchester and attended by over 500 people. Highlights of the 2019 event can be watched back online.

Marie Emerson, Robotics Knowledge Transfer Manager at KTN, said:

“Industry, business and society priorities have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisations in sectors from healthcare to agriculture, and all those in between, are waiting for technology to create efficiencies and solutions for a more resilient, safer, and sustainable future, but those technologies may already exist in other sectors or the excellent UK research base.

“The RAI Industry Showcase is about exploring the potential for robotics and AI to have greater positive impact in all reaches of industry and society and connecting the best people to make it happen. It will celebrate advances in robotics and the AI that drives it, whilst highlighting the role of these technologies in driving recovery post-COVID and beyond.

“It will not simply show potential users the possibilities open to them, but it will also connect innovators with new partners and new opportunities, accelerating ambitious ideas into real-world solutions.”

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