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12-week webinar series on smart manufacturing launched

The Knowledge Transfer Network is running a series of events on various topics from 14 April to 29 June, focused on helping manufacturers and digital tech companies make manufacturing smarter.

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The webinar series, delivered by KTN’s Made Smarter Innovation Network, will explore the opportunities of various digital technologies through the eyes of manufacturers and digital technology providers.

Each webinar will showcase a manufacturer who has been innovative in their adoption of digital technologies to improve performance, alongside a tech provider who has created solutions to aid the manufacturer’s journey.

The series will cover the following themes:

  • Industrial Energy Efficiency, 14 April: How manufacturers can gather, process, present and analyse data throughout their factory to enable energy reduction and efficiencies
  • Web-Based Customer Order Tracking, 20 April: How gathering, processing and presenting data from the factory can be used to give customers visibility of their order
  • Continuous Improvement, 27 April: How capturing data to support decision making can provide significant benefits to continuous improvement programmes
  • Factory Floor and Production Systems, 4 May: How integrated digital production management systems can optimise manufacturing, product lifecycle and resource management
  • Predictive Maintenance, 11 May: How products and services can inform manufacturers when their shop floor equipment is likely to require maintenance
  • New Product Development, 18 May: How digital technologies and associated systems across supply chains can drive opportunities for new products or variants
  • Quality Management, 25 May: How digital technology can improve production quality directly, or reduce the time involved in ensuring quality, through management and data sharing activity
  • Mass Customisation, 1 June: How to scale up to mass produce a product in line with specific customer needs while keeping unit costs low
  • Circular Economy, 8 June: How a more circular economy can make exciting connections across manufacturers and tech providers
  • Design for Manufacture, 15 June: How advances in manufacturing and materials technology may offer opportunities to create a product that is easily and economically manufactured
  • Servitisation, 22 June: How digital technologies and approaches can facilitate servitisation and make connections across various communities
  • Flexible Manufacturing, 29 June: How digital technology can help manufacturers maintain efficiency and asset utilisation whilst offering the customer what they want.

Find out more about each of the individual online events and book your place here.

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