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EU Trade Deal: Updated guidance for manufacturers

With the UK’s new trade agreement with the EU now in place, government agencies are busy updating regulatory guidance to help manufacturers understand their responsibilities. 

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The agreement, described by government as a “comprehensive Canada-style free trade deal”, ensures 100 per cent tariff liberalisation between the UK and the EU. This means zero tariffs or quotas on the movement of goods in either direction, where they meet the relevant rules of origin. The full 1,255-page document and a shorter summary of the deal is available online.

Industry leaders have called on the government for guidance to help manufacturers understand customs declarations and other new responsibilities they now face.

Commenting on the trade deal, Tony Danker, Director-General of the CBI, said:

“[The agreement] will come as a huge relief to British business at a time when resilience is at an all-time low. Firms will immediately study the details, when they can, to understand the implications for their companies, customers and clients but immediate guidance from government is required across all sectors.”

Stephen Phipson, CEO at manufacturers’ organisation Make UK, said:

“With a deal in place the UK can start to build for the future with our European partners but there are many months of further hard work yet to come. Even with an agreement, companies will need time to adapt to the huge and complex changes ahead.”

The government has now begun refreshing its formal trading guidance online, including updated information on how to comply with regulations when placing products on the Great Britain, the EU and Northern Ireland markets.

There is also updated guidance on CE marking and using the UK’s own replacement UKCA and UKNI marks. Additional regulatory guidance is available via the government’s ‘Brexit checker’ service.

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In positive news for several manufacturing sectors, the UK has also signed a new trade deal with Turkey. The agreement secures the continued tariff-free flow of goods that UK companies enjoyed as a member of the EU. A more ambitious free trade agreement between the two countries is expected in the near future.

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