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Got an idea for the aerospace industry?

Businesses with innovative ideas for aerospace design and manufacture are being invited to participate in a new £150 million annual competition for research funding.

The UK - and the North West in particular - houses some of the world’s most prolific aerospace companies, such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce and Airbus, and the sector employs over 360,000 people. But maintaining this world-leading position requires exploring emerging opportunities and new markets.

To this end, government has launched a new grant competition as part of its £3.9 billion UK Aerospace Research and Technology (UKART) programme.

In line with the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy, priority areas for investment include:

  • Whole-aircraft design and system integration
  • Future-proofing advanced systems technologies - specifically smart, connected and more electric aircrafts
  • Large, complex aviation structures, particularly wings
  • More efficient propulsion technologies, including large turbofans. 

Businesses with an innovative idea in these areas are invited to express an interest in the new £150 million annual competition for industrial research and capital projects.

Eligible projects must involve research or critical investigation to gain new knowledge and skills that lead to an improvement in existing products, processes or services. It can include the creation of component parts to complex systems or prototypes in a laboratory environment.

The competition will open on 3 May 2019. For more information about the competition and to apply, click here.

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