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Firms look to consultants for efficiency support

A survey of 250 decision makers in the private and public sector has revealed that businesses using consultants see efficiency as their most important challenge.

The survey was commissioned by the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), a trade association for consultancy firms in the UK, to look at how companies use consulting services.

The survey found that use of consultants was widespread across large and small companies, with 84 per cent of respondents confirming they had used consulting services. 

Efficiency emerged as the most important current business challenge across all sectors, followed by Brexit, digital deployment and dealing with disruption from artificial intelligence and automation. 

In particular, digital and technology advice was the leading requirement identified for future support, with manufacturing the sector saying it needed the most help on this issue. 

Tamzen Isacsson, chief executive of the MCA, said: 

“Brexit is, of course, of critical concern to many businesses across the UK, but, as this study shows, there are many other pressing business issues that companies need to focus on to remain competitive and grow. It’s vitally important that businesses get certainty as soon as possible…so they can plan and prepare for Brexit and then get on with the important job of improving the efficiency of their organisations.”

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