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Rolling out ventilation for Rolls-Royce

Working with Rolls-Royce, Salford-based Gatorduct have replaced 1,200sq metres of steel ductwork at a high-tech manufacturing facility with a unique, sustainable system made of cardboard.

GatorDuct’s alternative to conventional steel ducting is an innovative combination of high-strength corrugated cardboard and a special protective coating.

The material was designed to deliver the same benefits as galvanised steel but without the environmental drawbacks.

The cardboard is a mix of recycled content and virgin material sourced from sustainably managed forests. Its lightness and ability to be flat-packed also ensures lower emissions from delivery.

Rolls-Royce selected GatorDuct for the refurbishment of its high-tech Rotatives Department in Derby, which produces components for the aerospace industry using machinery that must be kept at a constant temperature and humidity.

Luke Scruton, Operations Manager at GatorDuct, said:

“We often regard Rolls-Royce as the pinnacle of engineering regardless of what industry the prestigious name is associated with. To have a unique system of such magnitude like this GatorDuct system at one of Rolls-Royce’s main facilities was incredible for everyone to be involved with.

“The end results of everyone being over the moon with the product and the quality of installation makes for exciting times ahead.” 

The successful installation has led to the fast-tracking of future works, with three other Rolls-Royce locations across the UK set to be refurbished with the technology.

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