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£1bn Sector Deal for UK to lead on AI

One of the Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges sees major boost with investment from government and industry.

The UK government has launched a new Sector Deal which sets out plans to invest £1bn into Artificial Intelligence (AI). The funding includes £300m of industry investment, to put UK on the map as an international leader on AI.

The major drive into innovation will see investment in AI skills development, support for businesses to enable adoption and the establishment of a regulatory and advisory body for the sector.  


The deal will see investment in AI skills development at all levels from school to post graduates. This will include training for 8,000 computer science teachers, ensuring every school has a teacher on this subject at GCSE level.

Tech Nation

There will be investment to roll out regional Tech Nation hubs to support implementation of AI in businesses across the country. 


The government will establish a Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation to advise on the ethical use of data, including for AI.

To read the AI Sector Deal visit the UK government's website

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