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Fuller Working Lives provides antidote to the ageing workforce

Businesses in Greater Manchester are invited to participate in a programme to retain, retrain and recruit workers aged 50+.

In 2017, the Department for Work and Pension's released the 'Fuller Working Lives' report which found that the average age of leaving the labour market has increased over the past two decades, but it is still lower than it was in 1950 which does not reflect increased life expectancy.

This presents employers with a challenge. As their workforce ages and often exit from the labour market early, the pool of talent diminishes, and yet one in four men and one in three women reach State Pension age having not worked for five years or more.

The report made a number of recommendations including empowering change through others. They identified businesses who already have a strategy to support older employees including Mercer UK and Aviva.


Fuller Working Lives, The Department of Work and Pensions

Strategies include include apprenticeship schemes aimed at people of all ages, reverse mentoring and flexible working, essential for many grandparents who are now involved in childcare for grandchildren or care for a partner or family member. 

The National Careers Service (part of The Growth Company) have developed a new programme of support for businesses who employ people who are 50+ years. 

As the number of over 50’s in the workplace increases year on year this programme will deliver a fuller working experience for both the employee and the employer and looks to: 

  • Upskill and motivate employees
  • Re-invigorate the workforce
  • Increase productivity

The offer includes an initial review, personal one-to-ones with the employees; feedback and development of policies to help plan for the future workforce; access to the ACAS age tool; and links into training if required.  

To find out more about Fuller Working Lives visit the Department of Work and Pension's website and to participate in the National Career Service programme contact Shah Rahman, National Careers Service Lead Advisor at The Growth Company via email:

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