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Carpet maker saves £14k with light and heat upgrades

With the help of local grant funding, Newhey Carpets Ltd in Rochdale has slashed its building overheads by upgrading old heating and lighting systems to modern, efficient alternatives.

The family-run firm, founded in 1968, is a leading manufacturer of high quality carpet for the hospitality, leisure and entertainment sectors.

The company has made significant progress on sustainability in recent years, having launched a 100 per cent recycled plastic carpet backing material in 2013, and an eco-friendly stock range produced using undyed woolen yarns in 2015.

Since 2014, it has also worked with environmental business advisors at Greater Manchester’s Business Growth Hub to identify ways to save energy and extend environmental best practice throughout their production facility.

Energy reduction

Newhey’s latest project involved replacing ageing lighting and heating equipment to drive down energy costs, update equipment and maintain comfort levels in the factory.

A £24,000 investment enabled the company to upgrade its old kerosene boiler and standing warm air blower - both more than 20 years old - with modern gas-fired alternatives, as well as LED lighting to replace fluorescent tube lighting in production and inspection areas.

The energy reduction from these changes will save £14,200 a year, Newhey was also able to benefit from 50 per cent grant funding from the Business Growth Hub - meaning Newhey will pay back on its investment in less than a year. 

Company commitment

Lees Whitehead, managing director of Newhey Carpets, said: “We are a family company committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products and processes.

“The Business Growth Hub has been hugely helpful in helping us build a business case for new investments and ensure we remain on top of our game in terms of reducing our carbon footprint.”

To find out more about the Hub’s support for Greater Manchester SMEs, or to read other success stories, click here.

This story originally appeared on Green Intelligence. 

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