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We can help you access leading knowledge, facilities and equipment

From world-leading universities and specialist organisations, there is a wealth of expertise at your fingertips that could be used to support innovation in your business.

Not having the right knowledge, skills or facilities can really hold back innovation in your business. We can help you unlock access to a wealth of know-how in research and technology organisations outside of your own specialist supplier base to help address the challenges you face.

More often than not, innovative ideas come as a result of collaborating with partners that offer a different set of skills. Let us help you to tap into this expertise.

Our Innovation team is primed to help your business identify and overcome the barriers to innovation and achieve growth through collaboration.

Enquire and grow

How can collaboration help grow my business?

Strategic business-university collaborations can provide a myriad of benefits in supporting companies to bring new or improved products and services to market.

Get the funding you need to help your business innovate, develop and grow

Innovation Vouchers enable businesses to apply for up to £5,000 funding to access expertise, research, and specialist facilities to accelerate the development of innovative products and services. The vouchers provide an opportunity to develop a new, long term and sustainable partnership with a university or a recognised research organisation.

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How do I access the right expertise?

Innovation specialists are on hand to help you to articulate your business challenge into a technical brief and accelerate access direct to the relevant subject matter experts across a wide range of research organisations.

Collaboration partners include:

Innovation Grapevine

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